PIR Launches .GIVING To Streamline Online Fundraising

A new gTLD hit the market this month with PIR launching .giving into General Availability on 20 January. .giving is aimed at fundraising and donating for not for profits for mission-driven organisations and philanthropic-minded individuals. The new gTLD is now publicly available for the first time to any mission-driven entity – regardless of non-profit status.

According to a statement from the registry behind .giving, Public Interest Registry, “along with the trustworthiness and security of the .ORG domain, .giving offers mission-driven organisations the opportunity to create a dedicated online space for fundraising, taking the guesswork out of the donation experience by clearly signalling the purpose of a site to would-be donors. .GIVING in turn can help simplify the donation experience for individuals, making it easier to contribute to the causes they care about. Individuals can also purchase their own .giving domain to encourage others to donate to the organisations that are most important to them – amplifying the impact of their own donations.

“January is about new beginnings, and so is .giving. .GIVING will make it easier than ever for mission-driven organisations to raise money for social causes, and will empower individuals to promote, support, and contribute to the causes they connect with the most in 2023 and beyond,” said Jon Nevett, CEO of Public Interest Registry. “.GIVING will create additional avenues through which all types of organisations and individuals can give back and amplify their impact.”

.GIVING joins PIR’s growing .ORG family of top-level domains, a comprehensive offering of domains for all types of mission-driven organisations, including non-profits, foundations, social enterprises, conscious corporations, and more. In 2022 PIR reintroduced .gives, .charity and .foundation as part of the .ORG Family of Domains. With the launch of .giving, the full PIR portfolio now includes .org, .ngo, .ong, .org idns, .giving, .charity, .foundation, and .gives.

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