Pink Floyd win EMI court ruling over online sales

Pink Floyd tracks may be removed from digital music services like iTunes after a High Court ruling.Their latest record deal, signed with EMI before legal downloads came along, said individual songs must not be sold without the band’s permission.They argued that the same rule should apply to digital sales as well as CDs.EMI disagreed but a judge has sided with Pink Floyd. The ruling is part of a long-running battle between the two sides over £10m in unpaid royalties. see:Pink Floyd score victory for the concept album in court battle over ringtones
Pink Floyd, the British rock group behind platinum-selling albums The Dark Side of the Moon and The Wall, today secured a legal victory for the much-maligned genre of the concept album against the apparently inexorable march of the instant pop download.In a high court ruling that led the band’s fans to proclaim a victory for their heroes’ artistic integrity over the forces of commercial exploitation, a judge ruled that EMI can no longer sell the songs from any Pink Floyd albums as single downloads or mobile phone ringtones. Floyd Wins Court Battle With EMI Over Downloads
The British rock band Pink Floyd won its court battle with EMI on Thursday, with a ruling that prevents the record company from selling single downloads on the Internet from the group’s concept albums.But the effect of the ruling by a judge in London on the level of royalties the band receives remained unclear, however, as that part of the judgment was held in secret, the Press Association reported. A source close to the band said those talks were “ongoing.” Floyd nails EMI over online album sales [AP]
Album lovers may rejoice a little at last: a British court says Pink Floyd, purveyor of iTunes-unfriendly concept records, cannot be unbundled.The High Court ruled on that record label EMI Group can’t sell Pink Floyd tracks individually without the band’s permission. A judge said that the band’s contract applied both to physical albums and internet sales.

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