Pete Townshend calls Apple ‘a vampire’

The Who guitarist Pete Townshend has urged Apple’s iTunes to use its power to help new bands instead of “bleeding” artists like a “digital vampire”.Townshend made the comments in BBC 6 Music’s inaugural John Peel Lecture, named in honour of the legendary DJ.He also argued against unauthorised file-sharing, saying the internet was “destroying copyright as we know it”.”The word ‘sharing’ surely means giving away something you have earned, or made, or paid for?” he said. see:Apple is a ‘digital vampire’, says Pete Townshend
Pete Townshend has called on iTunes owner Apple to do more to support musicians “whose work it bleeds like a digital vampire Northern Rock”.The Who star used a radio industry lecture on Monday evening to call for Apple, now run by Tim Cook, should employ A&R executives to spot new talent and provide financial and creative support to emerging artists.

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