People’s Daily Raps Google Over Email Accusations

A leading Chinese government newspaper lashed out at Google Inc., saying the company’s allegations of China-based hacking were a politically motivated attempt to spark new disputes between China and the U.S.The People’s Daily, the official mouthpiece of the ruling Communist Party, printed the editorial on the front page of its overseas edition Monday with the headline, “Google, What Do You Want?” It said the company’s allegations last week were politically motivated with “a vicious intent of sparking new disputes concerning Internet security between China and the U.S.”‬ see:China Rejects Google’s Hacking Charge
China’s official Communist Party newspaper issued a caustic response on Monday to Google’s charge that Chinese hackers had taken aim at influential users of its Gmail service, calling the accusations “political gaming” aimed at fomenting new discord between the Beijing and Washington governments.The newspaper, People’s Daily, published a front-page editorial in Monday’s international editions that also suggested that Google’s actions could cost it credibility in the business world.

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