Pentagon bans Google from mapping military bases

The Pentagon has banned Google’s mapping teams from making detailed street-level video maps of US military bases after images of one camp’s internal layout ended up on the internet.A message sent to all bases and installations around the country late last week told officials not to allow the mapping web site from taking panoramic views inside the facilities.Google said the incident was a mistake and that the footage of Fort Sam Houston in Texas was removed from its site within 24 hours. bans Google map-makers
The US defence department has banned the giant internet search engine Google from filming inside and making detailed studies of US military bases.Close-up, ground-level imagery of US military sites posed a “potential threat” to security, it said.The move follows the discovery of images of the Fort Sam Houston army base in Texas on Google Maps.A Google spokesman said that where the US military had expressed concerns, images had been removed.Until now, Google teams have entered military bases with permission to conduct mapping.While [Google Earth] is a very useful tool, there has to be a balanceBut they have now been banned from filming and conducting detailed studies of bases, following the discovery of detailed, three-dimensional panoramas online – and in particular, views of the Texan base. bans Google from US bases
Photographs which appeared on Google showing features of US military installations have sparked security fearsThe Pentagon has banned Google from taking photographs and video footage of US military bases after images showing important security features of a base in Texas appeared on the company’s website.The Defence Department’s ultimatum came after images showing entry gates, barriers and buildings within the Fort Sam Houstan base, in Texas, were posted on a section of Google’s site which offers panoramic street views of different locations.Google later said its decision to request access to the base – which had been approved – was a mistake. blocks Google from mapping bases [AFP]
The US Defence Department said today it is forbidding Google from filming and depicting in detail its military bases, after officials found precise imagery of a Texas base on the Google Maps website.”We received a report that Google Maps was collecting imagery and 360 degree views, including detailed imagery, of a base in Texas,” Gary Ross, spokesman for the US Northern Command, told AFP in explaining the Pentagon’s move.The Defence Department issued a statement that said “detailed ground level imagery” of US military installations had been placed on Google Maps. pulls map images at Pentagon’s request [Reuters]
Google Inc has complied with a request by the Pentagon to remove some online images from its street-level map service because they pose a security threat to US military instillations.

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