Pentagon admits suffering major cyber attack in March

The Pentagon has admitted it suffered a major cyber attack in which thousands of files were taken by foreign hackers.Deputy Defence Secretary William Lynn said that in a March attack and other breaches, hackers had taken information on “our most sensitive systems”.The admission came as the Pentagon rolled out a strategy for strengthening US cyber capabilities and addressing threats and attacks in cyberspace. see:Cyber theft illustrates Pentagon security challenge
A foreign intelligence service stole 24,000 files from a U.S. defense contractor earlier this year, a dramatic illustration of the threat confronting the Pentagon as it works to bolster military computer security, a top defense official said on Thursday.Deputy Defense Secretary William Lynn revealed the theft as he unveiled a new Pentagon cybersecurity strategy that designates cyberspace as an “operational domain” like sea, air and land where U.S. forces will practice, train and prepare to defend against attacks. Hackers Stole 24,000 Military Files, Pentagon Says
Foreign hackers infiltrated the network of a defense contractor in March, stealing 24,000 military files in a single intrusion, Deputy Defense Secretary William J. Lynn disclosed Thursday.The disclosure revealed one of the most devastating data breaches suffered by the Defense Department to date and marked the latest instance of hackers successfully penetrating the Pentagon’s cyber armor to obtain sensitive information.

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