Peak Chrome? Google’s browser falls as Firefox, Internet Explorer stay flat

Once again, Firefox has maintained its grip on second place, behind Internet Explorer. And as Chrome falls away, there’s now a gap of more than one percentage point between the browsers.During 2011, Chrome’s rise was unstoppable, and it looked as if taking second place was an inevitability. In 2012, Google’s browser has come close, but never quite managed to close the gap even with Google’s extensive advertising and promotion. see:Firefox: back in the No. 2 seat once again
PCWorld’s recent Web browser showdown may have crowned Chrome the ultimate winner, but new data suggests that Google’s popular contender shouldn’t rest on its laurels just yet.In fact, after a similar market-share shift in August, Chrome fell further into third place in September, buoying Mozilla’s Firefox firmly back into the second-place spot it occupied until relatively recently.In August, Chrome claimed 19.13 percent of the desktop browser market, according to market researcher Net Applications, while Firefox accounted for 20.05 percent. Still in first place was Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, with 53.60 percent.

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