Payback time: The European Commission papers on ICANN by Milton Mueller

The European Commission has recently released a set of papers on ICANN that Milton Mueller describes as “designed to completely subordinate ICANN as an institution.” He then says “we have not seen such a comprehensive attack by a government on ICANN since the World Summit on the Information Society.”Mueller believes “one can infer that this is payback for the Board’s decision to not treat the EC’s views, expressed in its Governmental Advisory Committee (GAC), as binding instructions rather than as nonbinding advice.”Mueller mentions the “EC’s new GAC representative, Gerard de Graaf, [who] embarrassed himself at the June Singapore meeting by pounding his fist on the table and demanding that the Board immediately comply with policy changes he wanted. Many of the points he made, however, were badly reasoned and revealed ignorance of the issues involved.””So now we have no less than six papers from the EC attacking almost every aspect of ICANN, from the growth in its staff to the new TLD program to its handling of ccTLDs. Moreover, the papers are clearly targeted at influencing the US government’s redraft of the IANA contract in ways that would be deeply unhealthy. While ICANN could certainly use some reforms, this set of attacks is just a destructive act of revenge rather than a good-faith effort to reform the organization or improve its policies.””To support that assertion, IGP blog will go through the EC papers one by one, and show what a flimsy pretext they provide for what is, in reality, nothing more than an attempt by an intergovernmental entity to punish ICANN for not bowing to it.”And in the first instalment is paper one on “Applicable Law”.To read Mueller’s analysis on the IGP blog, go to: