Paul Twomey on IPv6 and possible cyberattacks down under

Paul Twomey addressing the Influence Forum 2007 in Australia’s Hunter Valley, says Australian government and CIO’s must do more in moving to IPv6 and Australia must do more to prepare itself for possible cyberattacks such as those experienced recently by Estonia, and which Australia might struggle to survive according to recent articles in TechTarget.On government agencies migrating to IPv6, Twomey says they should make this a priority. “‘Many departments and agencies I have spoken to suggest that migration is something they will consider in their next three-year planning cycle,’ he said, before urging them to instead make the move a more immediate priority to lead the IT community into the new standard.” With China moving to IPv6 before the Olympics next year, it is important Australia remain compatible with other nations. Therefore, the government should lead businesses and organisations to IPv6.CIOs (Chief Information Officers) also must be more vigilant. The work required in the migration to IPv6 is more complex than many of them will realise, and cooperation across a range of business and stakeholders.Australia is susceptible to a cyberattack such as that experienced by Estonia recently, with Twomey noting the lack of co-ordination among government agencies and failure to involve the private sector in cyber-security preparations should be addressed in short order given that the Estonian incident demonstrates that such attacks are possible according to TechTarget. With “the vast majority of computing resources in Australia are held by the private sector”, Twomey called for government and industry to collaborate to prepare Australia for such attacks.On other issues, Twomey said “security and IPv6 are important considerations for the future, along with increased availability of broadband. ‘In Korea they now define broadband as allowing the download of a movie in under three minutes,’ he said. Australia must catch up to that definition and start to develop policy for what to do with broadband, rather than just debating how it gets built.”For more on Paul Twomey’s speech to the Influence Forum 2007, see the following TechTarget articles:

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