Pakistan lifts Facebook ban but ‘blasphemous’ pages stay hidden

Pakistan lifted a two-week-old ban on Facebook today but said it would continue to block individual pages containing “blasphemous” content.Pakistan banned Facebook on 19 May in response to an online competition that invited people around the world to submit drawings of the prophet Muhammad. Muslims consider all depictions of Muhammad as heretical. see:Pakistani Court Orders Access to Facebook Restored
A Pakistani court on Monday ordered the government to restore access to Facebook, nearly two weeks after it blocked the social networking Web site amid anger over a Facebook page that solicited images of the Prophet Muhammad.Images or drawings of the prophet are considered blasphemous by most Muslims.”We cannot block access to information,” said Justice Ejaz Ahmed Chaudhry, a High Court judge in the city of Lahore. lifts Facebook ban, restrictions remain
A Pakistani court on Monday lifted a ban on social networking website Facebook which had carried a competition to draw the Prophet Mohammad, but access to any “blasphemous” material will remain blocked, officials said.Any representation of the Prophet Mohammad is deemed un-Islamic and blasphemous by Muslims, which constitute the overwhelming majority in Pakistan, and Facebook was blocked two weeks ago because of the online caricature contest. restores Facebook, restrictions remain [AFP]
Pakistan restored access to Facebook on Monday, nearly two weeks after closing the popular networking site in a storm of controversy about blasphemy, but still restricted hundreds of online links.A contest organised by an anonymous Facebook user calling on people to draw the Prophet Mohammed to promote “freedom of expression” sparked a major blacklash and angry street protests in the conservative country of 170 million.

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