Who Control’s the Internet

Who Control’s the Internet
A discussion on the Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s Radio National Late Night Live programme on who control’s the internet, and the way forward. The guests agree that ICANN’s control is the “least worst option” for the time being. They also discuss Google and China, with Becky Hogge commenting she is sympathetic to Google acquiescing to China’s demands although she wouldn’t want to have a couple of tea with the people there! Guests are Becky Hogge, Managing Editor of Open Democracy which is an online magazine of global politics and democracy and Kenneth Neil Cukier who covers techonology and regulatory issues for The Economist. The programme is available to download for at least one week from broadcast – till 8 February.

uk: Nominet’s Raising Industry Standards consultation deadline extended

We have made a commitment to raising standards in the Internet industry. To achieve this, we are proposing to make a number of important changes to the terms of the registrar contract. The changes set out in this consultation paper will affect both registrars and registrants, so it is important that you tell us what you think.The consultation period has now been extended to 31 May 2006. If you have not already sent us a response we would really like to hear what you think.The consultation paper is available to download as a pdf file. Please send your response to standards-consultation@nominet.org.uk with the subject header ‘standards consultation’.We look forward to receiving your comments.The consultation responses will be published here. We reserve the right to remove any materials that in our reasonable opinion are defamatory, offensive or unintelligible.http://www.nominet.org.uk/news/latest/2006/?contentId=2737