Oversee Web Outage Sees Changes to DOMAINfest Auctions

On Wednesday morning (8 June), several of Oversee.net’s web-based services experienced outages. This included the Moniker and SnapNames platforms, and as a result, they were unable to conduct the DOMAINfest Barcelona 2011 domain live auction, scheduled to begin at 10:00 US Eastern time.

As a result, auctions for the live and extended lots of names will be handled as follows:

  • a live auction for the lot of names scheduled for sale in Barcelona will not be conducted
  • the live auction lots have been assigned to a discrete online auction, which is already underway and will conclude on Wednesday 15 June 15 at 15:15 US Eastern time
  • SnapNames and Moniker will conduct an extended online auction for additional seller-submitted names, is already underway, and will conclude on Wednesday, 22 June at 15:15 US Eastern time.

Some of the premium domains available are:

  • Airports.com
  • AutoRacing.com
  • Fares.com
  • Floristeria.com
  • HorseRacing.com
  • Houses.co.uk
  • Impresor.es
  • KQ.com
  • LatinSongs.com
  • NicotinePatches.com
  • Pilsners.co.uk
  • RefiQuote.com
  • Renta.com
  • Residencias.com
  • Social.com
  • Telefono.es

More information and links to both auctions are available at: