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Outgoing ICANN CEO Outlines His Achievements And Loved Every Moment

In a letter to the ICANN Board, outgoing ICANN CEO and President Fadi Chehadé has outlined his achievements.Chehadé, who leaves the organisation in March has been head of ICANN for four years, starts by writing of his “gratitude” at being appointed head of ICANN saying “it has been intellectually challenging, humbling and messy, and I’ve enjoyed every moment of it.”At the start of his tenure, Chehadé writes the ICANN Executive team set out a series of objectives and goals to address “criticisms and create the structures and tools needed to advance ICANN. That work has been out blueprint for the past four years.”The four objectives that they began with Chehadé notes were the affirmation of purpose, raising operations excellence, internationalise ICANN from the bottom up and finally “to evolve the multistakeholder model, which included increasing participation and promoting ethics and transparency.”Chehadé then outlines how ICANN went about in his seven page letter that included, “from a functional perspective, we translated the four objectives into 16 goals, 56 portfolios, 116 programmes and more than 500 projects.”Issues addressed also included WHOIS, New gTLDs, the IANA transition, opening offices in Istanbul and Singapore and a planning process that “has a threefold approach encompassing a five year strategic plan and an annual operating plan and budget.”Today Chehadé believes “ICANN has reached a new plane.” It is “more reflective of our global stakeholders”, demonstrates “operational excellence” and “has shown the world that multistakeholder governance can work. On a new round of new gTLDs, Chehadé says discussion “has turned from implementation of the current round to when and where ICANN will offer a next round.”Concluding Chehadé writes that “the best we can hope for at any juncture is to leave a place better than it was when we arrived. I hope you believe that is the case with ICANN as I depart. I believe we have built a strong foundation for the future in bringing ICANN to the world. Thank you again.”