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.ORG Registration Growth Plateaus, While .NGO/.ONG Starts Strongly

Public Interest Registry logoGrowth in .org domain name registrations continue to grow, but in the last three years growth has slowed. But it does continue to grow according to the latest “The Dashboard,” a biannual report from the not-for-profit registry operator Public Interest Registry.

The Dashboard reveals steady growth in the .org domain, which now boasts 10,547,247 domains under management, and also highlights the immediate popularity of .ngo and .ong. Within the first two months, and as of 30 June, alone, 2,344 .ngo/.ong bundles were registered around the globe.

The .ngo and .ong domains became available during the May launch of OnGood, a suite of online services exclusively for NGOs and nonprofits to help strengthen their online presence, improve visibility, and better connect with supporters. Designed to be the first global directory of NGOs, OnGood uniquely requires that all members undergo a validation process, giving donors the added assurance that their donations are going to a genuine cause. As detailed in The Dashboard, donors can now support diverse causes—from education to human rights to religion—across six continents.

Meanwhile, the .org domain continued its trajectory of continuous growth with 130,865 additional registrations over the last 12 months, bringing the total domains under management (DUM) to 10,547,247.

Other findings outlined in The Dashboard include:

  • while .ngo and .ong experienced popularity across numerous and diverse fields, children and youth, education, and health and nutrition are the three causes that are most commonly supported by the domains
  • .org registrations in international markets demonstrate steady growth, particularly in Asia where China has 3.2 percent and Japan has 3 percent of the total .org registrations worldwide
  • after a year hiatus, India jumped back into the top 10 list of .org registrations by country, ahead of Spain, with 1.8 percent of worldwide .org registrations
    registrants are renewing their .org registrations at an average rate of 73.7 per year.

“The successful launch of OnGood has brought together thousands of nonprofit and NGO leaders around the world, helping to empower their voices and share their stories,” said Brian Cute, CEO of Public Interest Registry. “The continuous growth of the .org domain, and the early adoption of the .ngo and .ong domains is a clear indication that organizations and individuals around the world understand the need for global collaboration and collective empowerment to successfully serve the public interest. We look forward to helping NGOs worldwide further achieve their goals as we continue to expand our portfolio of online resources.”

In The OnGood Dashboard, Public Interest Registry provides an overview of its NGO community outreach efforts, which include webinars and online learning activities that have already been enjoyed by more than 18,000 participants. It also includes commentary from leaders at prominent, international NGOs – Kokoda Track Foundation, Gestos and Peuple Solidaire – detailing the positive impact of OnGood on their missions.

The .org Dashboard contains information about, which launched in celebration of the first .org domain registration on July 10, 1985. The anniversary celebrations will continue throughout the 30th year, and organizations using the .org domain are encouraged to share their stories on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram by tagging their photos and videos with #ORGinAction, or to submit their .org websites directly on

For more information on The Dashboard or to download a copy, please visit