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.ORG Growth Slowing Globally, But Demand Booming in Asia-Pacific

Public Interest Registry logoThe growth of the .org gTLD has slowed in recent years. From an increase in domains under management (DUM) of 9.7 percent in the 2010 calendar year and 9.9 percent in 2011, growth dropped to 4.3 percent in 2012, 2.6 percent in 2013 and then 1.3 percent in 2014, as per Dashboard reports published by the Public Interest Registry, the .org registry operator.

However while growth is slowing, and maybe even declining, in some regions, in others demand is booming. In the Asia-Pacific, 1.37 million domains were registered in 2014, a 16 percent increase over December 2013.

The introduction of new gTLDs may have had some impact, but the decline has certainly preceded them.

In highlights from the latest Dashboard published this week, the total number of DUMs was 10,500,913 worldwide with a renewal rate of 81.6 percent for domains up for their second renewal and 54.5 percent for first renewals.

The United States accounted for over half (56.4%) of all registrations followed by Germany (4.8%), United Kingdom (4.2%), Canada (3.8%) and then France (3.2%).

The industries where .org is most used are information (19.2%), manufacturing (16.0%) and miscellaneous services (15.0%).

The latest Dashboard report is available for download from: