Opinion: Welcome to the UK’s toilet-talking, midnight phone-junkie generation

We are all media junkies now. We Britons spend more than four hours a day watching television, the highest level of consumption for at least five years, which is probably good news given that there are 510 channels to choose from. We bought 9.55m television sets last year, fewer than in 2009, but twice the number sold back in 2002. Of those 9.55m sets nearly a third were larger than 33in. Let the boasting begin.Radio listening has never been greater either – a record 91.6% of us listen to at least 15 minutes in a week. Then there’s internet use, up in 2010 by 17 minutes a day, to just over two hours a day. And then there’s talking – well, on the telephone – which has become 20% more popular on the Ofcom measure since 2000. One might be forgiven for wondering how we fit it all in.

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