Opinion: Starbucks Will Win the US Cafe Wi-Fi War

Analysis: Laptop homesteaders are prompting coffee shops to reconsider their wi-fi policies, but here’s what they don’t realize about their decisions.After years of experimentation, coffee shops are finally figuring out what to do about Wi-Fi.Some have decided that Wi-Fi is a profit killer, and they’re shutting it down. Others, most notably coffee giant Starbucks, have gone in the opposite direction, moving from limited Wi-Fi to free and unlimited access for everybody.Both extremes are right. But Starbucks will prevail. Let me explain.
http://www.pcworld.com/article/203304/.htmlAlso see:Coffee shops are taking Wi-Fi off the menu: to stimulate sales, coffeehouses are pulling the plug on the Net
Housed in an old San Francisco warehouse, Four Barrel Coffee — with its vintage record player, 53-year-old coffee roasting machine, tables hewn from recycled wood and wall of mounted boar heads — calls one of the world’s most wired cities home.But don’t expect to get an Internet connection there.Coffee connoisseurs hooked on this roaster’s beans won’t find a working signal — or even a power outlet. The uninitiated often try to plug into a fake one that owner Jeremy Tooker spray painted on the wall as a gag.

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