Opinion: NBN vs 4G: the contest is already over by Rod Tucker

When I was growing up in the 1950s and 1960s, the coolest radio stations in town had DJs with fake American accents, and the best new products being advertised were always American or American-style. We looked to America as the home of everything new and exciting. We were envious as of the Americans as they were supposedly smarter than us and could do things better than us.Even their washing powder was better than ours.American-style was everywhere, from cars to cinema to clothes – the cultural cringe was in full swing. If it was American-style, it was good.In 2011, nothing much has changed. From the recent media coverage about broadband, it strikes me that we still assume that the Americans have all the answers. There is a new “broadband cringe” that now claims that American-style broadband is better than Australian-style broadband.To read this article by Rod Tucker in full, see:

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