Opinion: Microsoft’s lack of a tablet strategy will lose it $1bn in profits this year

The ‘post-PC’ world – where smartphones and tablets become a more important way to interact – means fewer PC sales. And it turns out you can calculate how much that will cost very directly“Imagining a post-PC world … at this juncture, given all that has transpired in computing and communications, it’s important that all of us do precisely what our competitors and customers will ultimately do: close our eyes and form a realistic picture of what a post-PC world might actually look like. How would customers accomplish the kinds of things they do today? In what ways would it be better? In what ways would it be worse, or just different?”Who do you think said that? Steve Jobs, in his coda to the unveiling of the iPad 2 last week? Nope. What Jobs said was this: “Our competitors are looking at this [tablet market] like it’s the next PC market. That is not the right approach to this. These are post-PC devices that need to be easier to use than a PC, more intuitive. The hardware and software need to intertwine more than they do on a PC. We think we’re on the right path with this.”The first quote, by contrast, comes from Ray Ozzie – and it’s contained in his parting salvo to Microsoft when he stepped down as chief software architect after five years last October.

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