Opinion: Hold the front page – it’s time US papers had a redesign

The Wall Street Journal looks fresh and modern, and circulation is rising. For many other American newspapers, neither of those things is trueHere are three seemingly unrelated things you notice this only-in-America week. One is the rise and rise of the Wall Street Journal, up 1.2% (to 2,117,796 average copies a day) on the latest US ABC figures. Another is the impressive run of newspaper front pages posted outside the plush new Newseum in Washington DC, proclaiming Osama’s death. And the third is yet another brooding prophecy of the demise of printed newspapers (this time from Ken Doctor, one of the leading US media analysts).How long have they got? Maybe five years, maybe 15, says Ken. “Today’s daily newspaper companies have little chance of surviving in anything resembling tomorrow’s form very far into the future… You can’t find anyone who says he has a proven, sustainable business model for moving forward.” Oh woe!, as per usual, oh gloom round the globe! But hang on a moment…

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