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OpenRegistry To Operate And 2LDs

OpenRegistry logo[news release] OpenRegistry, an independent, leading provider of Registry Services, has today announced that it has been selected by coDNS to operate both the and second level domains. OpenRegistry is in charge of the full backend operations using its European infrastructure.

Registry policies and accreditation procedures for registrars are available at and

The news is announced only a couple of weeks after the company successfully added .sx in its general availability phase, the country code TLD of the Island of Saint Maarten.

Nicolas Giraud, who was recently appointed as General Manager of OpenRegistry, comments: “Our registry software allows for innovative domain name registration policies, both licensed as well as completely outsourced. With .sx we have proven that the system can easily deal with multiple phases of Sunrise eligibility. With the contract with coDNS for these two 2nd level domain names, we prove that the system can also be used for this type of registry backend operations. Variable registration policies allow us to create a completely open but secure Internet extension in which anyone can register.”

“The transfer to OpenRegistry went fluently, without even the smallest downtime,” says Sander Scholten, Managing Director of CoDNS B.V. “The flexible and proactive approach of the OpenRegistry team is refreshing and strengthens our trust in further cooperation. Registrars who haven’t signed up yet, will notice that the implementation of and is made even easier from now on, thanks to the OpenRegistry system. At the same time, all the benefits of easy registration and the absence of restrictions are left unchanged. We want to invite Registrars to check out and for more information.”

Founded as a European company with offices in Belgium and Luxembourg, OpenRegistry previously announced it will operate the Top Level Domains for German, French, Portuguese as well as Dutch brand owners. On the US market, the secure platform was chosen by brand owners listed on the NYSE and NASDAQ. In addition, a group of well selected applicants for generic or community TLDs has been signed.

CoDNS B.V. has been established in 2007 to act as operator for subdomains such as and A growing amount of companies uses its sub domains as their main company domain. CoDNS B.V. is one of the largest sub domain registries worldwide and part of the ICANN-accredited EuroDNS S.A. Group. The company’s headquarters are located in Amsterdam with local representation in Luxembourg and Norway.