Open Registrations start soon for .ME

The .ME Registry is about to open domain name registrations on a first-come, first-served basis, and if initial indicators are accurate, the .ME domain names will move quickly. Open Registration Officially begins July 17.

The .ME Registry concluded its Landrush Period June 26. The 20-day time span was the first opportunity for the public to apply for .ME domain names. More than 80 different accredited registrars from 24 countries are offering the catchy domain extension.

In the Landrush already, applicants from around the world will be receiving some excellent domain names such as Click-On.ME, ChatWith.ME and Optimize.ME illustrating just a few of the catchy names being awarded, said Predrag Lesic, the registrys executive director.This extension really does lend itself to creative and attractive names whether for business or personal use.

Right now, the official Quiet Period is in effect. During this Quiet Period, the .ME Registry will be making domain awards, and in cases where multiple applications for the same name were received, auctions will be held. To date, through Sunrise and Landrush, the .ME Registry has received more than 30,000 .ME applications.

This has been one of the quickest, most efficient contract-to-market timelines for any domain name extension, said Lesic. Open Registration is a prime time to secure your dotME.

Two-year minimums are required on all .ME domain names registered during the Landrush and initial Open Registration periods.

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