Oops! Heinz Lets Competition Domain Lapse And QR Code Directs to Porn Site

Heinz, the global food company, let a domain name lapse used in conjunction with a QR code for a competition in Germany. And subsequently the domain was registered by a German adult website.And when a German recently scanned the QR code for the “Spread the word with Heinz” competition that ran from 2012 to 2014, which takes the user to sagsmitheinz.de, he found it was a porn site rather than the competition website. The porn site seems now to have been taken down.Daniel Korell who discovered the issue contacted Heinz through their Heinz Tomato Ketchup Facebook page with Heinz responding that as the bottle was old they couldn’t control what was displayed on the page.Korell seems a little more au fait with the issues involved than Heinz. He responded telling Heinz that even though the competition was finished, it was still in many households. And that it doesn’t cost the earth to register a .de domain. He concluded saying it was “just plain embarrassing.”Heinz seemed to grasp this idea and as a result have offered him a personalised bottle of their tomato ketchup!It’s a reminder for those that deliberately let a domain name lapse that they need to think about the consequences of the domain getting into a competitor’s hands or into the hands of a registrant that could be “just plain embarrassing”.Luckily for Korell, he commented that he’ll probably suffer no permanent damage!