Only 13.37% .eu Websites Active/Unique – .eu is a Disaster Zone

Eurid logoWriting on his WhoisIreland Review blog, John McCormac writes disparagingly of the TLD, suggesting it is a failure:
The latest .eu web survey shows that the .eu ccTLD is in serious trouble. Out of 1723638 websites checked, only 13.37% of sites were active/unique. As a ccTLD for Europe, it is a disaster zone. Brand registrations accounted for 7.78% of registrations. The percentage of duplicate content sites was 6.02%. The percentage of websites that redirected elsewhere was 16.68%. The percentage of PPC/warehoused websites was 14.22%. The percentage of holding page sites was 16.79%.

In terms of use, .eu is way below other ccTLDs. It is a junk extension. While some companies use .eu for a Europe-wide identity it is largely ignored as another example of useless EU bureaucratic corruption and waste in the rest of the European Union. If it wasn’t for German speculation and registrations driving the ccTLD, the .eu would have completely failed long ago.

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