Online scammers seek to profit from the death of Steve Jobs

Online scammers are already attempting to capitalize on the death of Steve Jobs with a bogus offer to Facebook users for free iPads in his memory.Computer anti-virus firm Sophos said that the scammers urged Facebook users to click on a link to register for free Apple Inc products, then requested they complete online surveys or enter gambling sites. The scammers profit when users click through those links because they get commissions based on the amount of traffic they bring to the websites, said Graham Cluley, a researcher with Sophos. see:Steve Jobs’ Death Exploited by Scammers
Unscrupulous scammers are aiming to take advantage of the news of former Apple CEO Steve Jobs’ death, security experts have warned.Sophos’ Graham Cluley spotted a Facebook scam that claims Apple is giving away iPads in memory of Steve Jobs.

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