Online Profiling and Invasion of Privacy: The Myth of Anonymization by Eric K. Clemons, Professor of Operations and Information Management at The Wharton School

We have been conditioned to accept that privacy is dead.We have been conditioned to accept privacy abuses as the price of using the Internet. These abuses generally involve having our search engine send us “better” ads, which most of us believe cannot be too dangerous. They are “only” ads, and they are “anonymous.”This acceptance of targeted as safe is based on five false assumptions:
1. Better-targeted ads are better for us.
2. Ads are “anonymous.”
3. Ads really are “harmless.”
4. Worrying about privacy is only for “bad” people; “good” people don’t need privacy.
5. Ads cost us nothing and allow “good” companies like Google to give us great service “free.”

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