Online Brand Jacking

On average, almost half a million instances of brand abuse were measured each week including 402,882 accounts of cybersquatting, the registration of domain names containing a brand, slogan or trademark to which the registrant has no right. Instances of cybersquatting rose 40 percent in the first quarter of 2008

– Media brands continue to be the most targeted by brandjackers with over 40,000 instances of abuse in Q1 2008. Abuse against automotive brands increased by 99 percent since Q1 2007 to 25,792

– Pay-per-click abuse continued to remain low in Q1 and is down 42 percent for the year. This form of brandjacking has experienced almost zero growth since Q2 2007. Vigilance by brandholders, regulatory changes by ICANN and policy changes by major search engines have driven the declines

– While brand abusers can be located anywhere in the world, their top countries for Web site hosting remained consistent. The U.S. is home to 66 percent of Web sites that host brand abuse. Germany hosts 7 percent, followed by the United Kingdom at 6 percent. Canada hosts 4 percent

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