One to Four Character Domains and One-word ccTLDs Featured in Snapnames Showcase Auction

The current SnapNames Showcase Auction features one to four character domains and one-word ccTLDs. The auction ends on Tuesday January 19 at 3:15 EST (USA).

Some of the sample domains include:

  • Temp .com
  • BGM .com
  • Yes .info
  • Vow .com
  • War .net
  • GMAT .net
  • Fed .info
  • G9 .org     ccTLD’s
  • Alimony .de
  • Mustangs .ca
  • Fridays .ca
  • AsthmaDrugs
  • CondoRentals .ca
  • TheftProtection
  • DebtHelp .de
  • FreeHoroscopes .de

More information is available here:

Domains for the February auction should be submitted by January 26.