One million .fr domain names

France is the latest of the ccTLDs to reach the one million .fr registrations. The milestone was reached on January 11.Given the population of France, it has taken a while to reach this mark compared to other ccTLDs. For example, .de will reach their twelve millionth domain registration this year, and even smaller countries such as Australia with around a third of the population and similarly restrictive/protective, depending on who you ask, registration rules, passed the mark late last year. Switzerland (.ch) also reached the one million mark in 2007. A large part of the success of .de registrations has been the less restrictive rules.There were restrictions on who could register a .fr domain name. Up until 2004 only companies, associations and community groups could register a .fr domain name. Then on June 20, 2006, .fr was opened up to all physical people within France.So today, according to Loïc Damilaville, CEO at AFNIC, there are around 2,000 registrations each day with around 50 per cent of these for individuals. Overall 70 per cent of registrations are for companies and 30 per cent for private individuals.But there must be other reasons, and one reason often given for the initial slow take-up of the internet in France compared to other European countries was the success of Minitel, a Videotex online service accessible through the telephone lines, and is considered one of the world’s most successful pre-World Wide Web online services according to Minitel’s Wikipedia entry.

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