One- and Two-Character .TRAVEL Domains To Be Released

One- and Two-Character .TRAVEL domain names will be released in the near future following ICANN’s approval of the proposal to release all of the domain names.

The .TRAVEL registry is currently deciding a process for releasing the domain names that conform to the proposal submitted to ICANN with a likely release in September 2010.

Registrars and registrants will have ample opportunity to review the terms of the program before the first names are available for registration.

There will also be two new policy changes to go into effect on 20 September 2010 following a 30-day notice period.

The first of these changes adds an industry sector to the list of those travel industry participants who are eligible to register a .travel domain name. This sector is “Creators and providers of travel and tourism products, services and content” This sector definition makes it easier to determine eligibility since it does not require that an applicant fit within named types, but rather identifies them by their travel-related activities.

The second change allows the Registry to provide incentives for use of .TRAVEL domain names. The Registry has not put in place a program of incentives, but while such a program is developed the Registry has suspended the requirement that .travel domain names must be used within 12 months of registration.