Obama to companies: Engage govts to avoid the Facebook fate

Former U.S. President Barack Obama urged private businesses Thursday to come out of “isolation” and to engage more with governments when developing new products and services to avoid problems like those challenging Facebook.

Obama told business leaders attending the Nordic Business Forum in Finland’s capital that “you cannot separate the business environment from the political and social environment.”

“A good example is Facebook,” Obama said, referring to the public relations pummeling the social media company has received following U.S. intelligence service reports that Facebook was a conduit for Russian election meddling in 2016.

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Obama warns of private companies like Facebook being ‘detached from potential social consequences’
Former President Obama said Thursday that private businesses should work with the government to develop products so they avoid being disconnected from social consequences.

“Too often, at least in the United States, there's a tendency for business leaders to say, 'Let's just avoid the government as much as we can,'” Obama told Swedish billionaire entrepreneur Niklas Zennstrom during an interview, according to the Associated Press.

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