NZ teen hacker Akill admits cyber crime charges

A Whitianga teenager, allegedly at the centre of a cyber crime ring causing millions of dollars of damage, admitted six computer crime charges when he appeared in Thames District Court today.Owen Thor Walker, 18, who has Asperger’s syndrome, was accused by the FBI of being ‘Akill’ – leading a group of international programmers that set up a ‘botnet’ which infected a million computers with a virus and resulted in an estimated $NZ26 million-plus of economic loss. pleads guilty to all charges
Owen Walker, the 18-year-old Whitianga resident also known as Akill, has pleaded guilty to all charges he was facing under the Crimes Act for his part in attacking the University of Pennsylvania’s computer system and in a global adware scheme. teen convicted of cyber crime
A New Zealand teenager accused of being the ringleader of an international cyber-crime network has been convicted. Owen Thor Walker, 18, admitted six charges of using computers for illegal purposes and will be sentenced in May. teenager guilty of million-dollar hacking campaign
A New Zealand teenager accused of leading an international ring of computer hackers which skimmed millions of dollars from bank accounts was today convicted of illegal computer hacking.Owen Thor Walker, 18, pleaded guilty yesterday to six charges related to using computers for illegal purposes. Police allege that he led a group of hackers who took control of 1.3m computers around the world without their owners’ knowledge.

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