nz: So far, plain sailing for new-look S92

Lobbyists on both sides have offered only guarded criticism of Simon Power’s reworked version of the controversial anti-pirate clause.Some say due process isn’t enough, and want account termination taken off the table altogether. Copyright holders are lobbying for it to stay. But in constrast to the highly-charged tone of arguments over the original clause, the renewed debate is mostly moderate, and constructive. An emotive stand-off has been defused. see:Download law back on agenda
There is no doubting that many people in New Zealand illegally download movies, music, computer games and other software every day.The film and recording industry regularly bandy around massive amounts that they claim illegal downloading is costing their industries. While the exact figures may be debatable there is no doubt that this activity is costing the companies and artists who produce these items a lot of money.

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