.nz offers IPv6 connectivity (news release)

NZRS (.nz Registry Services) announces that a core component of the New Zealand Internet infrastructure is being geared up to accommodate huge potential increases in the number of networked devices connected to the Internet.”Mobile phones are becoming common Internet devices and many other mobile and specialist devices from security systems to home automation will require connectivity in the future. It is preferable that each computer or device connected to the Internet has a unique addressing number,” says NZRS general manager Nick Griffin.The key to increasing capacity is the introduction of IPv6, the next generation Internet Protocol. IPv6 uses 128 bits for its computer addresses, a huge leap from the 32 bits used in the existing IPv4. This means 340 billion billion billion billion addresses can be covered by IPv6, compared to 4.3 billion for IPv4. Note the population of the world is approximately 6.6 billion.NZRS is today pleased to announce that the .nz name servers are now operating with IPv6 connectivity in what can be regarded as the first phase of the .nz IPv6 rollout. The name servers are named ns8.dns.net.nz and ns9.dns.net.nz, and are located in Wellington and Albany respectively. Both are connected to the NZ IPv6 Internet Exchange and there is a .nz Whois server accessible at whois.ipv6.srs.net.nz.NZRS thanks non-profit consortium Open Contributors Corporation for Advanced Internet Development (OCCAID) and US telco Sprint for providing IPv6 tunnels, and thanks Citylink for help in connecting to the NZ IPv6 Internet Exchange..nz Registry Services is responsible for operation of the register of domain names and the Domain Name System (DNS) in the .nz domain name space.
http://www.internetnz.net.nz/media/mediareleases/nzipv6For media coverage, see the following:
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