NZ Labour floats copyright levy

[The Dominion Post] Labour communications spokeswoman Clare Curran says a charge on internet accounts should be considered to recompense copyright holders for downloaded material.Ms Curran says the idea received support at workshops she has been holding to formulate Labour policy.But the Federation Against Copyright Theft (NZFact) says it is not a solution its movie studio members are looking at. The Recording Industry Association (Rianz), which represents the music industry, is also lukewarm. see:Curran suggests ISP levy for copyright
Shadow minister for ICT Clare Curran says a licence fee attached to internet connections should be considered to break New Zealand’s copyright law impasse.In a blog post this morning, Curran suggests any future regime should enable people to access the information or material they seek. copyright pirates hand to hand [The Dominion Post]
OPINION: Section 92a is back and the Government is again threatening to cut off copyright pirates’ access to the internet, so why isn’t the hawkish Recording Industry Association celebrating?The original section 92a of the Copyright Act that sparked the “Blackout” protests earlier this year would have given the music and movie studios an automatic weapon with which to gun down pirates.

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