NZ High Court: Kim Dotcom Can Have His Cars, Millions in Cash Returned

The High Court in New Zealand today ruled that police may not keep possession of assets seized in a 2012 raid on Kim Dotcom’s mansion. This means that a potential appeal aside, Dotcom may soon be reunited with millions of dollars in cash, his luxury car collection, artwork, and other assets seized by the authorities.When Kim Dotcom’s New Zealand mansion was raided in 2012, some of the most memorable images were of his luxury car collection being loaded onto trailers and taken away. The authorities hoped the pictures would help to symbolize Dotcom’s fall from ‘power’ but two years later he might be burning rubber in them once again.Just two days before the raid on Dotcom’s home, foreign restraining orders were granted to enable the seizure of the entrepreneur’s assets. As they are set to run out on Friday, the Crown applied to the High Court yesterday to have them extended. see:Kim Dotcom says he’s set to get assets back
Internet entrepreneur Kim Dotcom says he’s won a court battle in New Zealand to get back assets taken during his arrest on piracy charges.Restraining orders on his assets, including cars, jewellery and other property, were imposed after Dotcom’s arrest in January 2012. Dotcom wins back cars and cash seized in Megaupload raid
Kim Dotcom, the multimillionaire founder of closed file-sharing site Megaupload, has won back cars, cash and property seized in a January 2012 raid.Requests from police to extend the length of time the assets could be held were declined by a court in Auckland, New Zealand, where Mr Dotcom lives.US authorities accuse Mr Dotcom of infringing copyright on a “massive scale”.

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