NZ Government launches official Cyber Security Strategy

The government is to launch a Cyber Security Strategy, Communications and IT minister Steven Joyce announced today.A statement from Joyce’s office notes: “Criminal elements are increasingly using the internet to gain access to personal information, steal business’ intellectual property, undermine critical services and gain knowledge of sensitive government-held information for financial or other malicious purposes. see:Govt to set up cyber crime ‘resilience’ centre
Cyber safety organisation NetSafe has praised the Government’s new strategy to combat cyber crime.The New Zealand Cyber Security Strategy aims to improve the country’s protection against cyber threats, bringing forward initiatives aimed at improving cyber security for individuals, businesses, national infrastructure and the Government. follows Aus with cyber strategy release
New Zealand has followed Australia in releasing a Cyber Security Strategy, which includes the development of a National Cyber Security centre.The New Zealand government noted that at least 75 per cent of New Zealanders have access to the internet at home, and that cyber attacks are becoming more advanced and are looking to steal the intellectual property of business and individuals. bodyguard to target cyber spies
A new cyber bodyguard will be set up to protect high-risk government agencies from attacks by cyber spies and criminals.The National Cyber Security Centre will also take on the functions of the duller-named Centre for Critical Infrastructure Protection, which helps protect critical national infrastructure such as the computer networks of banks and power companies. Zealand government reveals cybersecurity strategy
Less than a week after the Australian Federal Government announced plans for a Cyber White Paper, New Zealand authorities have followed suit with a cybersecurity strategy.The strategy, available from the New Zealand Ministry of Economic Development (MED) website outlines a number of priorities including plans to partner with industry and non-government organisations to improve access to cybersecurity information, the establishment of a national cybersecurity centre, implementing steps to improve cybersecurity practices across government, and incident response and planning. Zealand’s Cyber Security Strategy [news release]
New Zealand’s Cyber Security Strategy is the Government’s plan to improve New Zealand’s cyber security response.The Strategy brings forward targeted initiatives aimed at improving the cyber security of individuals, businesses and government.New Zealand’s Cyber Security Strategy has three priority areas:

  • Increasing Awareness and Online Security – The Government is partnering with industry and non-government organisations to improve access to cyber security information, raise awareness and address other cyber security awareness issues.
  • Protecting Government Systems and Information – The Government is establishing a National Cyber Security Centre and implementing steps to improve cyber security practices across government.
  • Incident Response and Planning – The Government is reviewing how it responds to, and plans for, cyber incidents.

Implementation of key initiatives will begin in 2011.More information will be provided on this web page as the initiatives in the Strategy are progressed. welcomes Cyber Security Strategy [news release]
InternetNZ (Internet New Zealand Inc) has welcomed the Government’s New Zealand Cyber Security Strategy as a step in the right direction.”It is good to see the Government take a more public leadership role across the broader spectrum of online groups, including individuals and businesses”, says InternetNZ Chief Executive Vikram Kumar.”We are pleased to see Government taking on a partnership mindset rather than focusing inwards on government information and systems only. The Government has a critical role to catalyse, facilitate, and coordinate a response from all online groups if our cyber security posture is to materially improve.”The Cyber Security Strategy envisages a number of initiatives at different stages of the security lifecycle. That’s a good thing. Increasing awareness and coordinating resources is necessary but the Strategy goes beyond that to address root issues such as infected computers in partnership with Internet Service Providers over the longer-term.”We welcome the establishment of a National Cyber Security Centre. This means more resources and more focus than what was possible currently with the Centre for Critical Infrastructure Protection (CCIP).”If there is one thing we wish for, it’s to speed up the discussions around setting up a New Zealand CERT. From as far back as 2005, InternetNZ has been advocating the need for early warning, incident response, and international cooperation. We hope that the Government will progress identifying options for setting up a NZCERT or the functions needed even if the work itself is distributed across a number of appropriate bodies.”

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