.NZ Domain Names with Macrons Launch on 26 July

Domain Name Commissioner logo.NZ domain names with macrons over the vowels such as ā, ē, Ä«, ō and Å« as used in the written form of the Māori language will become available as of 26 July according to the news release from New Zealand’s Domain Name Commissioner republished below. The launch coincides with Māori Language week 2010.

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.nz Domain Names with macrons; Launching 26 July 2010 [news release]

Registrations of .nz domain names which include macrons over the vowels will begin to be available to everyone on a first-come, first-served basis from 26 July 2010. The launch of this new type of domain name will coincide with Māori Language week 2010, which this year runs from 26 July – 1 August.

The set of characters permitted in .nz Domain Names will be expanded to allow ā, ē, ī, ō and ū to be used.

For the past three months, existing registrants of .nz names have been able to apply for variations of their existing domain names which use the macrons. This application period closed on Tuesday 6 July 2010. Registrants who have applied for a variant of their domain name will have their registration confirmed on 26 July, and should expect to hear from their Registrar about billing for the new variant soon.

After the launch on 26 July 2010, registering a .nz domain name with macrons will take place in the same way as registering any other .nz domain name. You will require the services of a registrar (choose a registrar whose services best meet your needs from all authorised .nz registrars).

What is a macron?

The written form of the Māori language, te reo, uses macrons over vowels to denote an extension of the sound of the vowel. Up until Māori Language week 2010, domain names within the .nz space are not able to include these characters. From then on, it will be possible to have a domain name which accurately reflects one of New Zealand’s official languages, Māori.

The extra characters that can be used are ā, ē, ī, ō and ū.

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