.NZ domain name registrations hit 300,000

[news release] InternetNZ (the Internet Society of New Zealand Inc) through the Domain Name Commission is pleased to announce that the number of registrations of domain names under the .nz top level domain has reached 300,000.Domain Name Commissioner Debbie Monahan says the rate of growth is showing no signs of slowing, which is good news for the New Zealand Internet and the large number of authorised registrars operating in the .nz domain name space.Registrations reached 250,000 in October 2006, having previously reached 200,000 in September 2005.The average rate of new domain names created per month in 2006/07 was 7451, compared with 6280 for 2005/06. Most of the growth has been occurring in the .co.nz domain.The .nz domain space has become highly competitive since the introduction of the Shared Registry Service in 2003 and there are now over 70 authorised registrars offering .nz names to businesses and the public.Background: The Domain Name Commission is an operational office of InternetNZ (the Internet Society of New Zealand Inc), the not-for-profit organisation responsible for the .nz name space.Also see the following media coverage:

High demand for NZ domain names

The number of locally registered internet domain names has hit 300,000. InternetNZ, the internet Society of New Zealand, said the rate of growth of registrations with the .nz suffix was showing no sign of slowing, which was good for people operating in the .nz domain space.