nz: Dolphin and friends help protect children from internet sharks

Sprat the fish has a serious role despite looking cute. The cartoon character is part of the online cartoon series Hector’s World, launched yesterday, which aims to educate children as young as 2 about internet safety. Figures from internet safety group NetSafe show that four out of five New Zealand children use the web to help with their homework. see these NetSafe news releases:
nz: Hector’s World – Business, Governement and Charity Connect to Keep Very Young Kids Safe Online (news release)
In a unique alliance, Microsoft New Zealand, the Government1 and charity Hector’s World, joined forces to produce a valuable new resource designed to keep very young children safer while using the internet and other information and communication technology. Hector’s World – Protecting Our Youngest and Most Vulnerable Online (news release)
In Auckland, a new resource was launched to help teach under 10 year olds how to be safer while using the internet and mobile phones.

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