NZ Disputes Resolution Conference 19-21 Sept

[news release] David Hoffman , mediator, arbitrator, and attorney will be at Te Papa next week to deliver the keynote speech at the 9th LEADR – International Dispute Resolution Conference Featured as one of the “Top 100 Lawyers” in Boston Magazine’s Super Lawyers Directory, David served as arbitrator in 180 class-action cases brought against the Dalkon Corporation for the damage caused by it’s intrauterine device – Dalkin Shield – that led to numerous lawsuits in which juries awarded millions of dollars in compensation and resulted in a settlement providing a $2.5US billion dollar trust. David who went on to found the Boston Law Collaborative which is devoted to resolving conflict in family, business, and employment cases, is an established author in the field of collaborative law and teaches Mediation at Harvard Law School.David’s keynote speech opens the international conference – Cross Winds to Calm Waters – which has attracted speakers from throughout New Zealand, Australia and the US, and delegates from all around the Asia-Pacific region.The conference will be opened by the Hon. Mark Burton, Minister of Justice and closed by His Excellency the Governor General of New Zealand, Annand Satyanand. Her Worship the Mayor of Wellington Kerry Prendergast will host a reception at the City Council Chambers .

Through the eyes of a child

Divorce and family disputes can have a profound effect on a child’s future well-being. “Looking through the eyes of a child” is just one of a number of presentations forming the 9th International Dispute Resolution Conference to be held next week, which will consider a range of alternatives to court action in the resolution of family disputes.Judge Becroft, Principal Youth Court Judge is one of several prestigious New Zealand speakers taking the podium alongside experts from the US and Australia. Delegates from around Asia Pacific will be able to learn new tools for unravelling problem family stories and hear from experts involved in indigenous family mediation in Australia’s Northern Territory.The Conference – Cross Winds to Calm Waters – will be opened by the Minister of Justice and closed by His Excellency Anand Satyanand, and includes a reception hosted by Her worship the Mayor of Wellington.

You’ve got your domain name, but you could lose it

Over 200,000 domain names are currently registered in the .NZ space with thousands more registered and renewed every month – but as New Zealanders get connected, the downside is the potential for domain name theft, abuse and other cybersquatting disputes. You might have your domain name – but you could lose it if someone disputes ownership.Dispute resolution in .com industries is just one of many topics to be debated at Te Papa next week during the 9th International Dispute Resolution Conference. Domain Names Commissioner Debbie Monaghan will join key speakers from the UK and US to discuss mediation in cyberspace with an audience from around the Asia Pacific.The Conference – Cross Winds to Calm Waters – will be opened by the Minister of Justice and closed by His Excellency Anand Satyanand.

Did you think that when you left school you wouldn’t be bullied?

Unfortunately, the fact is that workplace bullying is on the rise. As well as the damage caused to victims, the bottom line is seriously affected as organisations incur the rising costs of award settlements; replacement recruitment costs and temporary staff to cover stress leave.So what can you do about colleagues behaving badly? How do you diagnose tension in the workplace? What about conflict between the Board and the CEO or senior management? The answers to at least some of these questions will be presented at a major international conference on Dispute Resolution to be held at Te Papa next week. Organised by LEADR NZ, the conference has attracted speakers from the US and Australia as well as New Zealand, and delegates from all over the Asia Pacific region.Delegates can learn from the experts about new techniques for dealing with bullying and resolving workplace conflict, as well as the “Seven deadly mistakes in the workplace”. The Conference – Cross Winds to Calm Waters – will be opened by the Minister of Justice and closed by His Excellency Anand Satyanand.

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