NZ Copyright proposals a mixed bag, say internet groups

InternetNZ describes the government’s proposals to fix Section 92A of the Copyright Act as a mixed bag that retains the “toxic remains” of the previous government’s internet access termination regime.However, the NZ Federation against Copyright Theft (NZFACT) representing rights-holders, has welcomed the document as “a demonstration of the government’s commitment to ensuring New Zealand’s online environment is safe and secure for consumers, ISP’s and copyright owners”. see:NZ wants bigger copyright watchdog
The New Zealand Government has released a discussion document for public consultation that calls for more powers for the Copyright Tribunal.The controversial Section 92A of the Amended Copyright Act was introduced by the former Labour Government last year and then suspended by the new National Government after public outcry and protests in March. The dicussion paper leaves termination of ISP customer accounts still on the table, with the difference being that the decision will lay with the existing Copyright Tribunal rather than rights holders requesting service providers to switch off access for internet users.,130061791,339297397,00.htmNZ Copyright Tribunal may be able to punish internet users [NZPA]
The Copyright Tribunal would be given the power to punish internet users who repeatedly breach copyright under proposals put forward today.A discussion document from the Economic Development Ministry and interested parties has recommended a three-phase process to allow copyright holders to pursue those who breach their rights.

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