NZ broadband still not up to speed

InternetNZ today welcomed news that the number of broadband subscribers has overtaken their dial-up counterparts, but said broadband connections were still too slow. connection overtakes dial-up in NZ [news release]
The number of broadband subscribers in the six months to September 2007 overtook the number of dial-up subscribers for the first time ever, Statistics New Zealand said today. Broadband subscribers continued to increase – up 14.4 percent in the six months to September 2007, to reach 829,300. However, this growth rate has slowed from an increase of 28.6 percent in September 2006 and 18.5 percent in March 2007. Subscribers with dial-up connection fell 8.6 percent from March 2007, down to 675,800. dial-up – NZ internet users expect more [news release]
InternetNZ (the Internet Society of New Zealand Inc) welcomes the ISP Survey released today by Statistics New Zealand, as a turning point in New Zealand’s Internet history.

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