Numeric Trend Grows in Domain Names

Despite Limited Success of Digits, a Numeric Trend Blossoms in Internet Domain Monikers;, Anyone?We think of numbers as quantities. But they can be potent brands as well asks the Wall Street Journal.Devised a quarter century ago, the Internet’s domain-name system was meant to spare the general public from numbers. Easy-to-remember words or initializations such as and were allowed to stand in as aliases for 11-digit computer addresses.Now, numbers could be making a comeback. Industry watchers say Web users should get used to visiting sites whose names are numeric. A group in Australia plans to develop into a search engine that will deliver the 100 most relevant results. An Aspen, Colo., equity researcher has spent more than $1 million on numeric domains for a project that is yet to be determined. And on Thursday, an auction of dozens of numeric domain names closed, with bids as high as $325,000 for read this report in the Wall Street Journal in full, see

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