NTIA review of ICANN gets high response

A number of organisations and individuals have put in submissions to the National Telecommunications and Information Administration’s Mid-term Review of the Joint Project Agreement between NTIA and ICANN. Those to have made publicised their submissions include CENTR, Karl Auerbach and Network Solutions – see below. There is a complete list of submissions available on the NTIA website and include additional submissions from auDA, Nominet, MarkMonitor, USMIR, Center for Democracy and Technology, ICANN, Internet Governance Project, ISOC, InternetNZ, Time Warner, Japan Registry Services and Wolfgang Kleinwachter among many others.

Meanwhile the NTIA held a public meeting regarding the mid-term review of the Joint Project Agreement between NTIA and ICANN on February 28. “’Lack of Accountability’, ‘Malign Oligarchy’, ‘Regulatory Capture’ – these were some of the concerns raised during the ICANN review open meeting held February 28th at the Department of Commerce (DOC) in Washington, DC. The concerns come as ICANN moves closer to full privatization,” reported DomainNameNews.

“A consistent theme throughout the morning was whether a fully privatized ICANN would be responsive to and accountable to its many stakeholders. Panelists as diverse as representatives from Network Solutions, Yahoo, Nominet, Consumers Union and a copyright association all expressed doubts as to whether the ICANN board is sufficiently accountable to the various groups that are affected by its decisions, and stated their fears that if the ICANN board ever became dominated by a particular interest group little could be done to correct the problem.”

Submissions publicised by their writers include:
Midterm Review of the Joint Project Agreement : Comments of CENTR
… CENTR believes that the NTIA’s initiative in calling its Notice of Inquiry is well-timed. With 18 months left to run of the JPA, continuing multi-stakeholder dialogue is needed, for example through the NoI and within the ICANN process, in order to arrive at a shared vision of what a post-transition ICANN would entail, as well as how and when transition will be triggered.

Karl Auerbach’s comments to NTIA’s “mid-term review” of its ICANN “JPA” agreement
Karl Auerbach’s comments to NTIA on “The Continued Transition of the Technical Coordination and Management of the Internet’s Domain Name and Addressing System: Midterm Review of the Joint Project Agreement” are now online at http://www.cavebear.com/archive/public/ntia-jpa-2008.html.

ICANN Midterm Review
The following is Internet Commerce Association’s comments to NTIA for ICANN’s Midterm review.

Network Solutions Presents at NTIA Mid-Term Review of ICANN [news release]
Network Solutions presented to the Department of Commerce (DOC), National Telecommunications and Internet Administration (NTIA) on Thursday, February 28, 2008, in Washington, DC. The meeting was held to review the mid-term Joint Project Agreement (JPA) between the DOC and ICANN. The NTIA consulted with several interested stakeholders regarding the mid-term review, including representatives from the Internet Society, government, business, registries and users, but Network Solutions was the only registrar invited to share insights at the hearing. Signed by ICANN on September 29, 2006, the JPA outlines a three-year term with a required mid-term review of ICANN’s progress in meeting the responsibilities to transition the Internet’s Domain Name System to a more autonomous existence under ICANN’s governance.

The DomainNameWire story referred to above is:
Privatization Fears at ICANN Mid-Term Review
“Lack of Accountability”, “Malign Oligarchy”, “Regulatory Capture” – these were some of the concerns raised during the ICANN review open meeting held February 28th at the Department of Commerce (DOC) in Washington, DC. The concerns come as ICANN moves closer to full privatization.