NSA director says dozens of attacks were stopped by surveillance programs

The head of the National Security Agency defended his agency’s broad electronic surveillance programs Wednesday, saying that they have helped thwart dozens of terrorist attacks and that their recent public disclosure has done “great harm” to the nation’s security.Facing his first public grilling since it was revealed that the NSA has secretly collected millions of telephone records as well as e-mails and other Internet data, Gen. Keith Alexander sought to aggressively rebut congressional and other criticism of the Obama administration’s anti-terrorism tactics.
www.washingtonpost.com/business/economy/snowden-wants-people-of-hong-kong-to-decide-my-fate/2013/06/12/a69e94ee-d370-11e2-a73e-826d299ff459_story.htmlAlso see:Senate Committee Confronts NSA Director on Surveillance
National Security Agency director Gen. Keith Alexander was asked some pointed questions by the Senate Appropriations Committee this afternoon regarding the spy agency’s surveillance of Americans’ phone calls and electronic communication in the name of fighting terrorism.Alexander provided little in the way of direct answers to the most pressing questions of what grounds the NSA has for collecting cellular call data on all Americans, exactly how it’s used and when, deferring instead to a closed-door classified meeting scheduled for tomorrow before the Senate.

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