Now when films release on DVD, iTunes will sell them too

Apple Inc. said today that it would sell more new-release movies through its iTunes online store on the same day they are released on DVD in stores.The movie studios’ agreement with Apple puts the Cupertino, Calif., company on the same playing field as traditional retailers and other digital stores such as Blockbuster Inc.’s Movielink service. It demonstrates that Hollywood is growing more comfortable with digital downloading of movies and with Apple as a partner.,0,782966.storyApple to sell new-release films on iTunes
Apple’s move into film downloads will give a significant jolt to traditional DVD retailers such as Amazon, analysts sayApple has announced a new service that will allow customers to download films from the iTunes website on the same day they are released on DVD.The service will be the first large-scale offering to sell new-release films via download, and will potentially precipitate a wider shift in the movie industry towards embracing digital distribution of content.

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