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Norwegian Domains For All Norwegians

Norid UNINETT logoAll Norwegians will have the opportunity to register .no domain names as a result of rule changes following a public consultation, the .no registry, Norid, has announced. Currently only businesses and other organisations are able to register .no domain names, but from 17 June, Norwegian individuals will also be able to.

For more information, see the Norid news release below or on the Norid website here.

Norwegian domain names for everyone

The results from the public consultation are now ready. The majority supports the proposal to make .no available to private individuals. This means that starting on 17 June 2014, everyone in Norway can register their own domain name directly within .no

Until now, domain names directly within .no have been reserved for businesses and other organizations, while private individuals have been restricted to the category domain

A clear majority supports the opening

Attitudes regarding the opening of .no for private individuals have varied, but in late 2013, Norpol (the policy advisory board for .no) recommended that .no should be available to everyone in Norway.

The recommendation was presented in a public consultation during the winter of 2014. Almost 500 individuals and organizations gave their input, and a clear majority supported Norpol’s view.

The category domain will continue.

This is me on the Internet

A domain name can be used to create one’s own identity on the Internet, something that is useful to individuals as well as businesses. It can be used to set up a website or a blog, not to mention an email address. Within your own domain, you can create as many email addresses as you want, for example one for each member of your family. An email address tied to your own domain name is one you can keep your entire life, regardless of whether you change employers or Internet providers.

.no is a good choice

The Norwegian top-level domain is a good choice. It maintains a high quality and good security, and it signals a connection to Norway.

— A Norwegian domain name is stable and among the most secure in the world. We are very pleased to extend this service to private individuals, says Hege Ossletten, Acting Managing Director of Norid.

Initiating with a draw

Everyone should have an equal opportunity when the allocations begin. This means that during a transitional period, we will collect applications and draw lots in the cases where more than one person applies for the same domain name.

The first applications from private individuals can be entered on Tuesday 17 June 2014 at 10 AM local time. Until then you can figure out good domain names and check which ones are available.

No priority

There will not be any priorities on private domain names. This means that anyone can apply for any name. The person registering a name must, however, ensure that the name isn’t in violation of Norwegian law or a third party’s rights.