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Norwegian Court to rule on .CO.NO compliance with Norid Policy

CO.NO logo[CO.NO news release] The Court case filed by the .CO.NO Operator against Uninett Norid A.S. to obtain a ruling that will secure the .CO.NO initiative, was held on May 24th and 25th, 2012, before the South-Trøndelag District Court in Trondheim.

This lawsuit is the unfortunate and direct result of a 15 month process during which the .CO.NO Operator attempted to appease Norid’s concerns while preserving its rights to free enterprise, to no avail.


On February 18th 2011, after the .CO.NO Operator held a successful Sunrise registration period, allowing numerous Trademark holders to protect their rights under .CO.NO, and only 2 days prior to the scheduled opening of .CO.NO domain names registration to the general public, Norid sent the .CO.NO Operator a written request to postpone the general opening  to an unknown date, allegedly to allow the Norwegian Registry to review the terms under which .CO.NO registrations were offered to the public.

Despite the tardiness of this request  – and the questionable legitimacy of it, the .CO.NO Operator elected to comply with it and to postpone the General Opening leaving the public waiting.

Furthermore, and with the sole intention of securing the .CO.NO initiative and its customers’ registrations, the .CO.NO Operator provided Norid with all relevant material requested. In addition, the .CO.NO Operator attended a meeting at Norid’s headquarters to ensure that there were no misunderstandings from Norid about the .CO.NO initiative.

However, Norid went on and requested further documentation, including amongst other things, the provision of the .CO.NO Operator business plan, along with other confidential and sensitive information.

In the meantime Norid, liberated its Policy and launched its own subdomain service .PRIV.NO.

In September 2011, after 8 months of unproductive negotiation and faced with more and more invasive lists of demands from Norid, the .CO.NO Operator had regrettably no other choice than to seek a Court ruling validating its customers’ rights on their .CO.NO registrations.

Lawsuit purpose

The Court has been asked to:

  • rule on the legality of Norid’s decision to place the .CO.NO domain name and its so-called “forbidden list” 8 years after its registration by Elineweb A.S.
  • confirm that the partnership between ElineWeb A.S. and CoDNS B.V. for the .CO.NO initiative shall not be deemed as a transfer of the .CO.NO domain between the partners
  • oblige Norid to refute the false information they have published on the .CO.NO initiative

As soon as the Court reaches its verdict, all actors involved in the .CO.NO initiative will be personally informed, and a further press release detailing the Court decision will be sent out.

In the meantime and as per usual, the .CO.NO Operator remains available to its registrars, partner and registrants to answer any inquiry they may have.

Both CoDNS B.V. and Elineweb AS are confident that the Court will make a favourable ruling that will secure .CO.NO registrants’ rights to their registration, and more importantly, the publics’ freedom of choice.

For more information on .CO.NO, visit the official website:

The .CO.NO Operator is a partnership between:

  • Elineweb A.S, the registrant of the .CO.NO domain name since 2001, and the founder of the .CO.NO initiative.
  • CoDNS B.V. established in 2007 by EuroDNS S.A. to act as operator for subdomains such as and

About .CO.NO

.CO.NO should not be confused with .NO Domain names as registered by Norid, the Registry of the .NO extension. Norid is not involved in any way with the registration or servicing of .CO.NO subdomains. See for details.

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