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Norid Survey Finds Customer Satisfaction For .NO Registrars And Registrants Higher

Norid dotNO logoNorid has found its registrars and registrants are more satisfied with its services offered than in the previous one in 2011.

The survey was conducted by Sentio in November 2014 and its findings published by the .no registry are below.


Satisfied with the services

The registrars are satisfied with the services delivered by Norid. Since 2011 we have removed paper based routines in the domain registration process. Nine out of ten registrars state that they are satisfied with the application processing times, against eight out of ten in 2011.

The quality of the DNS service and the quality of the registry system also received good results.

There has been a positive development in regard to how we solve our tasks. There is now 88 percent that are satisfied with the way we solve our tasks, against 72 percent in 2008.

Information viewed as good

The registrars view the information from Norid as good. More than nine out of ten think that they receive the information they need to guide and inform their customers.

Through the years the registrars have become more and more satisfied with the information from Norid, something that we regard as very positive.

Contact- and information channels

Norid’s webpages, the password protected part of the registrar web and the customer service are considered to be the most important contact- and information channels.

The webpages are considered to be the most important channel. Six out of ten registrars are satisfied with this channel, against barely half of the registrars in 2011.

The registrars considers all the services on the registrar web as useful. The most useful are considered to be information about domains in their account and lists of domains that are in danger of removal.

Norid on Facebook and the registrar seminars are considered to be less important, but the registrars still state that they are satisfied with the seminars.

Only 4 percent are satisfied with Norid on Facebook, and 81 percent have no opinion about this.

Satisfaction with the customer service has increased some since 2008, especially when it comes to contact by phone. 61 percent are satisfied the email communication they have experienced with the customer service, only 2 percent are dissatisfied. The corresponding numbers for phone calls are 47 percent and 4 percent.

Good knowledge about DNSSEC

Eight out of ten registrars states that they have knowledge about DNSSEC, and more than one in four will offer DNSSEC when possible. Six out of ten does not know whether they will offer DNSSEC. (DNSSEC was launched on 9 December 2014.)

Domain Holders

Processes are easy to understand

Most holders know what a registrar is, and find it easy to find a registrar. They also think that it is easy to find information about how to register a domain name.

Positive impression of Norid

Almost eight out ten holders have heard of Norid. When asked about what impression they have of Norid, two out of three say that they have no particular impression. The ones that have formed an impression are mainly postive.

The .no address is considered to be most important

More than half of the holders have registered domain names under other top level domains besides .no, the majority under .com. When asked which domain they consider to be most important, 85 percent answer that they consider the .no address to be most important.

The holders mostly agree that .no is the most known domain in the Norwegian marked. They consider .no as technically stable, and agree with the statement that internet addresses under .no goes to the page that is expected. The opinions are more diveded when it comes to whether .no is the safest domain for online shopping and whether .no is best suited internationally. Most holders think it is important with a domain that signal a connection to Norway. Very few thinks that the toplevel domain is not at all important for how they perceive a web page.

Web pages are easy to use

More than half of the holders have visited Norid’s web pages, and the majority thinks it is easy to find what they are looking for and to understand the information. The number of satisfied holders has increased from 68 percent in 2011 to 71 percent in 2014.

Still good scores for the customer service

Two out of three holders that have been in contact with the customer service are satisfied. This is about the same result as in 2011. The majority is satisfied with the service. Contact by email has received better scores than contact by phone. 62 percent are satisfied and 5 percent are dissatisfied with communication by email, while the corresponding numbers for phone calls are 33 percent and 10 percent.